Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion Slots

Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion Slots is from Microgaming and it is also a trail blazing cascading slot game with phenomenal 3D graphics. This is a brand new slot just in time for Thanksgiving. This is a 22-reel bonus video with cluster pays, which pay anytime 5 or more symbols are adjacent to each other, more than one cluster can be created on each spin. The reels are made of hexagons in a diamond shape. Play with coin values from a dime up to twenty dollars and a top bet allowed of $1000. The maximum jackpot is 15,000 times your stake. The backdrop of Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion Slots is an unfertile planet harsh environment with a bizarre colored sky above it. It is super sci-fi and unfolds the tale of Lyra and Erion, two titular characters who were made of star-dust. Added features include the Sonic Respin Feature, the Lyra Spirit Bonus, a wild and multipliers.

Symbols used in Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion Slots include a Green Crystal, a Purple Crystal, a Red Crystal, and the high cards in a standard deck. Get a payout whenever 5 or more clusters of symbols are collected and it can also pay out more than one cluster at a time. There is a 20% chance of a respin chance being triggered after every spin. If the respin chance is triggered then Astro Legends will determine if a respin will be triggered. This is done by seeing if there is a winning combination of clusters that has been created and checking if there is only one type of winning clusters created. If these two circumstances are met, then the respin will occur. When the respin is triggered the winning cluster will be held in place. If any symbols are added to this cluster or another winning cluster is created then the symbols will be held in place again. This continues until the reels are full of new symbols or no new symbols are added to the winning clusters.

On each spin there is a 10% chance of collecting between 2 and 10 energy. Once you get 100 energy the bonus race feature will be triggered. This is a battle where you can get wins. Each of the 7 rounds gives 3 roads you can choose to go down and you have 3 lives to make it past the 7 rounds. On the first 3 rounds 1 of the roads will lead to the boss and remove a life from you. On the last 4 rounds 2 of the 3 roads will lead to the boss and remove a life from you. The feature ends when you get to the end or lose all 3 lives.