Jackpot Gagnant Slots

Jackpot Gagnant Slots is a three reel and five pay line slot game by Betsoft. If you’re not sure what the title is about it may make more sense if you know that gagnant means winner. This is a very unique slot game that you can play for fun or play for real money. The top jackpot is worth 10,000 coins. Play with coin values as low as two pennies and up to a dollar with up to ten coins allowed per line. This makes the maximum bet per spin three dollars per spin. You can play Jackpot Gagnant online slots for real money with no download or on your mobile device.

Some of the symbols on the reels include Bells, Berries, Cherries, a Girl, a Lemon, and a Star. Get all three girls on the reels and win the 10000 coin jackpot. Jackpot Gagnant Slots has a unique feature where the traditional symbols are shown when the slot game stops. At the bottom of the slot you will see a Collect Button, a Transfer Button, Bet Button, Head of the girl on a coin, and Tails of the girl on a coin, Met Bet, and Spin. Now, for the unique part, when you spin and win, the Transfer button will light up and the coins are highlighted from left to right. The head and tail buttons will also flash on and off as well. Now if you decide to transfer your money to see if you can win on the heads or tails section, all you have to do is to choose one.

Once you choose, the highlighted coins will stop on either heads or tails; and you can win or lose. You also have another option. If you win big and choose not to risk a bunch of coins you can just hit the collect button. If you want to you can play heads or tails to try and win more and if you are lucky and do win then you can keep on playing this extra game as long as you are winning.