Max Quest Cinematic Slots

Max Quest Cinematic Slots is by Betsoft and this is a brand new style of slots. In fact, this game is more like something you would play as a video game. The theme is ancient Egyptian. This is also a multi-player slot and the ultimate in game play. Expect an early fall 2018 release of this magical masterpiece. This is more like a full blown story with 3D interaction.

The storyline has Max, the handsome explorer and fighter travelling through Ancient Egypt where he encounters both mystery and danger in the ancient tombs. You will travel through pyramids and unbury ancient treasures that are guarded by evil mummies that come alive. There are free spins and bonus games to look forward to.

Heavy armed explorers head deep into ancient Egyptian tunnels, filled with treasures. One of the explorers finds a powerful magical book, which awakens the petrifying enemy. The suspense in the story builds with 3 phrases. The epic description of this slot adventure is “Where Mystery Awaits, Epic Treasures Lay Unfound and Danger Lurks Everywhere”.