Sword of Ares Slots

Sword of Ares is a brand-new video slot game developed by Pragmatic Play with an Ancient Greek theme. The Greek gods are gearing up for a war that takes place across six reels and 20 pay lines. The slot game offers some enhancing features, such as free spins, multipliers, cascading reels, multiplier clusters, and scatters, to name a few. 10000x is the top haul in this game, and bets can be made for as much as $100 on every roll. Play this exciting game at any Pragmatic Play casino by downloading it in demo mode or on any mobile device. The RTP is above 96%.

Sword of Ares Symbols

The Greek warriors will need their Helmets and, indeed, a Sword and Shield. There are brilliantly colored gems in a variety of shades of blue, purple, pink, and green. There is also a Chariot and various bomb symbols that will show up here and there. While there isn't a wild used, there is a scatter symbol that leads to the bonus game. That symbol is the Sword and Shield, so when you spin at least four, you advance to the bonus game and rake in the free spins. The symbol that pays the most is the Helmet.

Greek God Bonuses

The multipliers in this game are delivered in clusters and can be up to 4x, but you will need 20 winning symbols to trigger that. Obviously, the more winning symbols you get, the higher that number goes. For 50 winning symbols, you get a multiplier cluster of 8x; for 100, it's 15x, etc. Cascading reels generate more wins by eliminating rows of winning symbols and dropping new ones in their place. Remember those bomb symbols that show up here and there? Well, when they do pop on a spin, they will detonate and take out an entire row of non-winning symbols and refill that row with new ones. On the screen, you will see a Multiplier Collection meter that stores extra symbols for this very purpose. The free spins bonus game begins with your spin of four scattered Sword and Shield symbols. 15 free spins will be awarded initially. That Multiplier Collection meter is a big part of the free spins bonus round as it dishes out those stored symbols and multipliers. These multipliers during the bonus feature are much more significant. How high they will be depends on how many winning symbols you have gathered. For example, 15 of those symbols award a 4x multiplier, but with some clever spins, it can actually climb to 500x.