Astronomical Slots

The word astronomical is typically used to describe something huge, so does that give us an idea of how this slot game might play out? It’s another example of an earlier entry into the Microgaming collection. While the graphics may certainly mean it shows its age, there is plenty here to be delighted about if you do check it out.

It has more than a touch of the Seventies about it though, which means the basic looks are somewhat timeless. An interesting mix, to be sure, but will this game prove to be an outstanding one to play?

Reels and win lines

There are only three reels involved in this one, and that means just one line is shown. You will see this as a red bar running across the center of those reels.

Coin values

You must play 25 cents per coins here, so it won’t suit all players. There are larger values that run north to $5 apiece. Up to three of your selected coins are good for playing on the line. That means the top bet would be $15 per spin for those who are happy and can afford that.

Are there special symbols in use in Astronomical?

There is just one special symbol here, and you might guess it is the wild. The logo for the game is used for this important role. If one of them appears in a winning combination on the line, you will receive a 2x boost to that prize. If you manage to get two logos in a winning line, the prize is boosted by a 4x multiplier. That is nice to see, but we reckon you will hope to see three logos on the payline. If that should occur, the jackpot will be all yours.

What about bonuses?

There are no bonuses in this basic game – just that wild to start looking for.

Download and play Astronomical slots today

We love the colorful presentation of this slot. It may be far from new, but it has turned into something of a classic. We think so, anyway. Question is, will you agree? Check out the game now and see if you like the Astronomical way of playing a one-line slot. Will you win any prizes that are truly out of this world, like the 8,000-coin jackpot for three logos and a three-coin wager?